Working in Britain: how safe is it?

One of the major downfalls of the construction industry is the work-related illness and in particular, the work-related injury that comes hand in hand with physical labour. Construction as an industry ranked 2nd highest for workplace injury and 6th highest for workplace illness. In 2015/16 alone 500,000 workers suffered from work related injury and unbelievably, 144 workers lost their lives.

The other side of health and safety statistics is work-related ill health which includes depression, anxiety and stress. However, in regard to the construction industry, the statistics are more worrying. Every year 13,000 people die due to exposure to chemicals and dusts at work with a further 2515 people losing their lives due to expose to asbestos.

The graph shows a decline in deaths projected in upcoming years however, the number of deaths is still high.

Not only are the stats concerning in regard to the health and safety of workers, but annually the cost to Britain is over £14 billion.


As the graphs show the main concern is work-related illness compared to injury with the cost to Britain only lowering by 3 billion over 10 years with the costs still incredibly high.


However, in comparison with other countries the U.K is ranking relatively well. As a country, we have the lowest standardised incidence rate and the 2nd lowest rate of self-reported injury and self-reported health problems. The U.K appears to perform consistently compared to other European countries with low percentages across all the charts.