Decline in fatal work deaths

A total of 137 workers were killed at work in the United Kingdom in 2016/17. Although this is a decrease of ten deaths from 2015/16, the average number of people killed at work has remained steady over the last several years. However in terms of decades, the numbers show a gradual decline as a result of health and safety laws being brought in to help keep workers safe.

As the graph shows, construction is the most dangerous industry resulting in the highest number of deaths over any other industry. However, it also shows the gradual decrease over the years. As well as construction clearly being a dangerous industry, it also has the best rate of progress compared to other industries.


Within the construction industry there are many dangers but falling from height is still one of the biggest within the industry. Even though there have been new health and safety regulations introduced, working from height still seems to pose a threat within construction.In 2016/17 there were 25 fatal injuries due to workers falling from height which is the lowest number of deaths to date.

However, the drop in deaths has been the most progressive as supposed to other dangers. The annual average of workers killed has dropped from 40 to 25 over the last few years where as other averages only dropped by a couple. This shows significant progress in protecting workers who have to work at height.

The other major cause of death within the industry is being struck by a moving vehicle whilst at work. There were 31 cases of people being killed by moving vehicles in 2016/17 showing that it is still quite a significant danger.

Even though there is still a risk of getting killed at work, the introduction of new and improved health and safety laws has seen a huge decline in accidental deaths as workers are now more protected.