Fine for repeated asbestos failings

London based construction company Barroerock Construction have been fined £750,000 after repeated asbestos failings uncovered by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Asbestos related deaths have been on the rise with companies such as Barroerock failing to meet health and safety laws and regulations.


A routine inspection carried out in 2013 as part of its refurbishment inspection campaign, uncovered the hazardous material asbestos in the building. By the time it had been discovered, 40 workers had been exposed.

Numerous complaints resulted in another inspection in 2014 where it was found that even though a contractor had been brought in to remove the asbestos, dangerous practices had still been allowed to continue.

When Barroerock Construction were confronted about the asbestos they failed to show any documentation to prove that correct and proper steps had been taken to remove the hazardous material. This resulted in building work being halted by the HSE a second time when over 160 workers were on site.

As a result of these failings Barroerock Construction pleaded guilty to breaching reg 22(1) (a) of the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2007 and was ordered to pay costs of £14, 874 as well as being fined £750,000.

Barroerock is currently in liquidation with creditor debts of £250,000. The company changed its name and has been called Oakleigh Build since December 2016.