UK Work-related ill health trends

The HSE has published the last data figures, which analyse the health and safety industry’s trends by providing key performance indicators. Let us break down this data and highlight the most relevant aspects.

UK Work-related ill health trends:

The total number of workers suffering from a work-related illness in 2015-2016 reached 1.3 million:

Of this 1.3 million, 0.5 millions were suffering from work-related 

musculoskeletal disorders:

Of this 1.3 million, another 0.5 million were suffering from work-related

stress, depression or anxiety:

Notice the number of people suffering from psychologically related disorders is equivalent in proportion to the ones suffering musculoskeletal disorders.
In fact, musculoskeletal and psychological disorders involve most of the cases:

But, which is the annual estimated cost for the UK economy of the new work-related illness cases?

Which is the annual estimated number of working days lost due to work-related illness?

Annual deaths due to work-related diseases:

13000 deaths each year are estimated to be linked to past exposures at work, primarily to chemicals and dust.

2515 Mesothelioma deaths in 2014, with a similar number of lung cancer deaths linked to past exposures to Asbestos.

14000 estimated new cases of breathing or lung problems annually, according to self-reports from the Labour Force Survey.




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