UK workplace injury trends

The HSE has published the last data figures, which analyse the health and safety industry’s trends by providing key performance indicators. Let us break down this data and highlight the most relevant aspects. 

When we talk about workplace injury, the first division we need to take into consideration is the number of fatal and non-fatal injuries:

Fatal and non-fatal injuries:


workers killed at

work in 2015/16


estimated non-fatal injures to workers

according to self-reports from the Labour Force Survey in 2015/16

There has been a long term downward trend in the rate of fatal injury, although in recent years this shows signs of levelling off.

Number of absence days

Regarding the total number of non-fatal injuries, we can break it down according to the absence days involved:

The rate of self-reported non-fatal injury to workers showed a downward trend up to 2010/11; since then, the rate has been
broadly flat:

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